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Limited Edition 1-of-1 Physical Items

We have received very compelling direct interest for the "Makaveli Forever" 1-of-1 NFT and its physical artifact, the original painting. Therefore we are electing to pursue an alternative route for this item.

Ronald "Riskie Forever" Brent

We are also celebrating the artist himself, Riskie Forever. The self-proclaimed, “best hip-hop artist ever slept on.” Now is his chance to use the past to transcend and elevate his name with the modern hip-hop audience to ignite a new chapter in his career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are this might be your first NFT, congrats! Here are some helpful tips and answers to questions you may have.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital certificate of authenticity that relies on blockchain technology to track and verify ownership. NFTs usually feature unique digital art, and some include physical assets and/or real-world experiences.

Zelus is a one-stop shop for the creation and issuance of NFTs, offering all the expertise necessary to issue NFTs in a single company. Our creative experts work with IP holders to identify the best way to package their legacy into a meaningful digital collectible and explore opportunities to expand the NFT beyond the digital realm by pairing it with physical collectibles or real-world experiences.

Some of the NFTs are a fixed quantity with a fixed price that are “buy now.” Some of the more limited editions will be sold via a “bid now” auction listing. All sales will be a handled on the platform.

OpenSea offers payment through over 150 different tokens. Ethereum is the primary, and they do not currently offer payment through credit card or USD/Euro.

Sorry, OpenSea does not currently offer this functionality.

An NFT wallet is an app or browser extension used to hold and purchase NFTs

We recommend using MetaMask to hold your NFTs. MetaMask is available as a Chrome extension, an iOS app, and an Android app.

Creating an NFT wallet should take less than 5 minutes.

This collection features 7 different NFT designs, some of which do include a physical collectible. All “25th Anniversary Editions” will include a limited-edition 12” x 18” print. 1-of-1 editions will also include an Infinite Objects digital display pre-programmed with your purchase NFT.

This is our premiere package. It includes the 1-of-1 NFT animation of a 3D modeled version of the artwork, and the original 30” x 48” created by Riskie Forever for Tupac and Deathrow Records back in 1996. A true artifact of hip-hop’s history.

You can resell your NFT on any marketplace that supports Ethereum transactions, such as OpenSea.

Yes! Zelus is planning future drops with Riskie for his work with other hip-hop artists. Join our email list to stay in the know.

No, we have no affiliation with, and these NFTs have not been endorsed by, Amaru Entertainment, inc.